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Hand Crafted  Women's Kippot for Over 20 years


Kippot sold to date: 5732 as of 02/29/2020

   A number of artists make wire and bead kippot for women. 

    I created the concept in 1995, when women who wanted to wear head coverings in synagogue wore either hats or lace doilies.  I wanted something feminine, sparkling, and beautiful.made

    All my kippot are hand-made, so no two are identical.  With a wide range of wire colors and a wider range of beads and centers, my creations can match an outfit or stand alone as a jewel in your hair.  You may specify any or all three of these components or let me choose for you.  Each kippah (singular of kippot) has an attached comb, which you insert into your hair.  Like many artists, I sign each of my kippot. 

    If you have a meaningful piece of jewelry (a brooch from your grandma or a cuff link from your father), I can use that as the center.  If you're considering a kippah for your daughter's bat mitzvah, I can then attach a wedding veil for her wedding.

If you're not sure what you want, please call me to discuss.  In the meantime, please look at the examples here to get ideas. Then fill in the order form or contact me.


Please also contact me for wholesale orders for Juadiaca shops.


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